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Welcome to

This is a global wiki site for lindy hoppers. This project was conceived in order to unite all lindy hop information in one inclusive site that anyone can add to or edit. Let's all benefit from each other's local tribal knowledge!

Getting started

Overwhelmed? Don't know where to start looking in this glorious lindy universe? Try searching for your home city in that search bar up in the yonder right. If there's no page for your home city, go ahead and create one. Look at some other cities (like Seattle) to get an idea how to structure it. If there is a page for your home city, explore it and add to it!

Guidelines for Contributions

  • Anyone can edit any page or create a page and I encourage you to do so! (except this page) Please use this power responsibly, or I will be forced to implement a bunch of petty restrictions, and I don't want to have to do that.
  • Please restrict your entries to lindy hop- or solo vintage jazz-related topics. Refrain from posting about blues dancing, burlesque, West African dancing, west coast swing or anything to do with fusion, except as it may pertain to lindy hop. This is not a condemnation of any of those dances, I'm just trying to maintain a sensible scope of what this project is and what it is not.
  • Please post information that is reasonably objective. I'm not going to be a total hardass about this, however this wiki is not here to promote, polarize or inflame its readers. It's here to inform, so please use common sense when posting, especially about your fellow humans, such as instructors or musicians.
  • Keep all posts respectful and even friendly if possible. Racist, sexist, LGBT-phobic remarks and other displays of social maladjustment will not be tolerated. No bullies. No trolls.
  • Keep it classy guys, little kids might read this.
  • I am the final authority in all arguments and arbitrations. I beseech you: do not force me into petty tyranny or early onset dementia.